Welcome to the best voice of your life...

Isn't it wonderful? Your voice I mean. It can shout, scream, whisper, laugh, sob, chant... So why on earth couldn't it sing? NEWS FLASH, Angel, of course you can sing. Not only can you carry a tune, but the unique sound of your voice is like no other on the planet. 'But, Fairy Voice Mother, I wish my voice would sound really strong and in tune but still be flexible enough to do riffs and runs and I wish I could sing really high and really low notes and I wish I could hold a note on for a really long time...' well Singderella, your wish is my command.

Story Time...

...The tale of The Fairy Voice Mother

I learnt every rule in the book, so I could break them. I can prove there's no such thing as 'I can't sing'.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, Lolli was born. Lolli was quite a shy person, she did not have many friends and was really quite awkward. One thing Lolli loved best of all (apart from animals) was sound. She would listen to her Grandfather's warm boomy voice with the same awe as when the birds sing or when a baby cries. This love of a sound exploded into an obsession with singing. 

Lolli loved singing so very much that it was the 

only thing she could think about. She was so very

fascinated and enthused by singing that she 

even figured out how to impersonate the

sounds of other singers and magically crafted

her own unique singing voice. She would 

practice for hours on end every day and 

eventually the joy she got from singing would

be shared with the world as she performed 

for audiences from far and wide. 


Lolli couldn't wait to study the voice at university so she could finally understand why she was able to make the magical sounds she had learnt by imitating other singers. Lolli earned a BMus (Hons) in Vocal Performance and became armed with an abundance of knowledge that she couldn't wait to share with others who wished to sing too. But this degree was not enough for Lolli, there was so much more to learn and discover, this was just the beginning. This is how Lolli became The Fairy Voice Mother.


Lolli began relentless studying and voice experiments. She realised that a singing voice is a magical gift given to all humans, they just need to learn how to use it. She was convinced that vocal excellency could be achieved when following a 5 part process.

1. Body

2. Voice

3. Resonating space

4. Control of the vagus nerve

5. Soul searching

She has developed her revolutionary method to teach her precious Singderella's from all across the world over many years. Her extraordinary holism of indisputable science combined with divine spirituality is how The Fairy Voice Mother can transform any human being into the singer they deserve to be.