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Check out some of the the really nice stuff my Singderelles say about working with me!

Katie K

Brilliant to work with! Listens to what I want out of my sessions and is always helpful and encouraging. Has so much knowledge that they share.

Morgan M

Lolli has been nothing short of perfect. Everytime I leave I feel incredibly positive and excited for my next lesson because her enthusiasm alone is enough to keep you hooked. Add to that her unbelievable knowledge of the anatomy of the voice box, extensive singing and songwriting experience, perfect pitch and a whole load of different (really fun) voice exercises to get you singing your best, she is truly one of a kind.

Amy H

Honestly the most genuine, down to earth, kind person ever. She's super supportive - also really funny and easy to get along with! She's helped me so much already, an absolute life saver. She's always ready for anything and you always feel 100% comfortable. Also VERY talented :)

Isla K

Lolli is really lovely and easy to get along with. She has listened to exactly what I would like to get better at and helped me with my individual voice. Our lessons are really fun and I am always excited to see what songs I might sing next, that will both feel easy and enjoyable to my voice, but also test my limits.


Lolli gives details of the mechanics of how your body and mind work in order to help you sing in all manner of ways. I found she really took her time to help you understand the techniques I found her to be fun, flexible, laid back and patient.

Lucy C

Lolli knows how to make her lessons fun. She is energetic, full of positivity and engaging; I look forward to my lessons every week.

Caoimhe O

Lolli honestly is one of the sweetest girls I've ever had the joy of meeting! She is so professional when vocal coaching and has great time keeping with each session. With this, Lolli takes time explaning techniques, ensuring that I understood while making me feel as comfortable as possible. Lolli is super easy to converse with, the sessions are extremely beneficial as well as fun and from this meant I looked forward to each vocal coaching. All in all it is a pleasure to receive vocal coaching from Lolli and I would highly recommend!

Aisha P

I had my first lesson with Lolli and I absolutely LOVED it. It was so fun and she clearly knows her stuff. I felt it was great value for money, whe was on time and even ran a little over time to make sure I could get something nailed. Highly recommend. Thanks Lolli, can't wait for the next lesson!

Lisa Driver, MI

So I'm very new in my music journey, a lot of you may have been singing all your lives and it's something that I am 100% not comfortable with. Let's start from the beginning, Lolli is sooo full of energy, not shy of being silly and expressive with all of her making it so much easier to reciprocate and relax and. Be silly yourself. My musical journey over months of working with her has improved significantly and continues to do so. She is MAGICAL! She knows so much: I'll tell her how it feels each step of the way, to achieve the sound we are trying to achieve. Having been woorking with her, I feel like I can achieve any singing style and strenghten from the very core. I would say that having tried a few other teachers, she is THE BEST, I couldn't imagine having anyone else help me on this journey. Professional, fun, creative, practical, and LOTS of fun! Life journeys should always be fun. Fairy Voice Mother literally she is glittery magic dust! I guarantee you will never need another teacher again! HERE SHE IS! Xx
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