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upload a 1-3 MINUTE video of you singing to youtube

(public or unlisted)*


receIve your VERY OWN custom video  VOICE lesson IN 7 DAYS! 

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*For details on how to do this please visit:

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Your Custom Video Lesson Will Include:


Detailed review of your performance (2-5 mins)

The Fairy Voice Mother will first identify your vocal strengths and weaknesses to begin the lesson. She will instantly recognise your voice type and know exactly how to help.


Customised Warm Up (13-15 mins) 

After your voice review, The Fairy Voice Mother will guide you through  a full warm up sequence designed especially for your voice. She will listen to your specific requests (if you made any in your order), and ensure the warm up routine will leave your voice feeling dramatically stronger and ready for anything. Remember, this lesson video is yours to keep forever, so you can rely on this warm up to keep your voice in perfect condition every day!


Magical techniques to Perfect the Song! (8-10 mins)

Now it's time to nail your song! Whether your high notes were a little strained, low notes a little shaky, vibrato a little stuck, resonance a little nasal... Whatever it is about the song that needs work, it's time to get cracking. You will be shown The Fairy Voice Mother's very own unique, magical and innovative techniques to help you nail specific sections of your song. The more you can practice these, the quicker you will see MAJOR improvements!


Custom Vocal Cool Down (5 mins)

After all your hard work, it's time to cool down and relax your voice. This a super overlooked practice, however The Fairy Voice Mother's job is protect her Singderella's voices at all times so that you may sing like an angel, for life! You will learn restorative relaxing techniques, kinda like a vocal massage. Also, if you ever have an iffy voice day or you get sick, this practice will help heal your voice from inflammation.


Recommendations for Suitable Songs (1-2 mins)

Before signing off, The Fairy Voice Mother will summarise the lesson by recommending songs and other artists to check out for inspiration. This is to help broaden your vocal verizon's and perhaps try something you hadn't even thought of yet. Singer's need never stop learning! Maybe you could try one of the suggestions and perform it for your next Custom Video Lesson!

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Make sure you upload your video to YouTube before you check out, as you will need to enter the link in the order form. You will be redirected here after you checkout. For info on how to do this, check our FAQ's


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Custom Video Lesson:


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