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best voice of your life

Isn't it wonderful? Your voice I mean. It can shout, scream, whisper, laugh, cry and speak... So why on earth couldn't it sing?


Well, of course you can sing!


Not only can you carry a tune, but the unique sound of your voice is like no other on the planet.


"But, Fairy Voice Mother, I wish my voice would sound really strong and in tune but still be flexible enough to do riffs and runs and I wish I could sing really high and really low notes and I wish I could hold a note on for longer..." 

Well, Singderella, your wish is my command!

Learning options

Book a 1-2-1 lesson with the Fairy Voice Mother herself, no matter what level you consider your singing to be. You're a Zoom call away from Fairy Land!

Feel shy or just prefer to learn at your own pace? Just upload a 1-3 minute video to youtube (could be unlisted), click "checkout" and submit the order form. You'll receive your very own custom video voice lesson in 7 days.

Coming soon...

Gift Certificates

Want to gift a lesson to your dearest one? Or just need a nicer way to tell your sibling they need to catch up on their skills of singing in the shower? Offer them a printable voucher for an On Demand video lesson and unveil their true potential!

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