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"How did they do that?" 

Sem título - 31 de março de 2023 20.48.44.png

Ever wonder how your favourite singer reaches that note so perfectly? And how on earth does their voice sound like that?


Watch me react and help you understand how singers produce such magical sounds with their bodies! Head to my channel on Youtube to check a wide range of reactions and analysis of artists from any music genre and voice type.




Want to help me choose what to react to?


Some of these videos were even suggested by the Fairy Voice Mother comunity! If you would like to participate on this, you can join our fairy folk on my Patreon to make your own suggestions and vote for your favourite artists to be analysed every week for the "Fairy Folk Friday" poll!

Ooor, if you really really want a guaranteed reaction on your favourite song or artist just click the button below!

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