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I'ts like having your very own song!

With your voice on point, the only thing missing is that perfect backing track to your version of the song you worked so hard for. And a youtube sing-along-karaoke-mambo-jambo just won't do the job, right?

We prepared this service with the help of our team member Eduardo Moreira (Music Producer and Musician)* to make it possible for you to have a customised backing track of your favourite song, produced by a professional with all the details you envisioned. It could be any genre, simple or more layered than an onion. Make any song more YOU and unique, just like your voice.


The goal is to have a quality ground for your voice to shine and have all that hard work beautifully framed.

*Eduardo is a true story teller and he uses sound as a pendulum between art and science. He is a multi- with a Masters Degree in Music Production and 10+ years of experience as a producer and sound engineer. You can learn more about him and his work on his personal website.

For your custom backing track production we provide the following options so you can choose the level of investment you want to put in your song.

Tier 1
€375-500 prod
€100 mix 
€50 master

General example

Piano Ballad

El. Pop Music

Tier 2
€500-750 prod
€250 mixing
€50 master

General example




Tier 3 
€750-1250 prod 
€350 mix
€50 master

General example


World Music


Keeping it simple

Track is 100% ‘in the box’ AKA digital.

Production has up to 10 layers.

Up to 3:30 minutes length.

Radio ready

Includes live drums and lead guitar.

Prod is 10-20 layers.

Up to 5 minutes lenght.

A musical odyssey

Includes live drums and lead guitar.

Orchestral/cinematic with high quality sounds.

Up to 10 minutes lenght.

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