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Would you like to have Lolli react to an artist or song of your choice? Now you can guarantee it! It can be anything in the realm of live music/musicals/speeches/vocal tutorials/reactions etc. Just follow the instructions on this page and get your custom reactionalysis.

Guaranteed Reaction on Stream & Video

  • - choose 1 video only, less than 15 minutes long

    ⁠- at checkout, click ‘Add Note’ and include the link to the video

    - add any questions or background info you would like Lolli to have on the request


    Before Lolli watches the video, it will be reviewed by a member of our team to ensure it is suitable. If it is deemed inappropriate for whatever reason, you will be invited to choose another song.

  • We must consider factors such as:
    - how interesting the video is
    - audio quality of the video
    - themes of the lyrics (if any)
    - the compatibility and enjoyability for the rest of the fairy folk (our precious viewers)

    If you would like to check beforehand, please email for further clarification.

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